A dream come true when i first started my little cattery..
The name (N)Night Wishes  was the begining  in march 2004.
I Love my cat's and they give so much love back.
My name is Ann mari Halvorsen

I m married to my love Tor our girls Ina (born 90) and Ariel( born93) My love .my angels my lights :)
We live in the forest near by the mountains.
Our goal is to breed  happy. Big healthy kittens whit Nice temper and whit exellent  temperament and perfect  type (maine coon look.) our kittens are given plenty of LOVE and care, as we devote a lot of time and attention too each kitten. Having in mind that the well being of our babies,we will couse their future homes  whit exstreme caution!
Just to take care of the big beauty of cat's that they truly are.
They live whit us in livingrooms, love to have them in my arms and my heart they are family members:)
free to go all over the house an they have a outrun whit a cat house too.


The kittens do not leave my cattery before they are age 12-16 weeks.
They are dewormed and vaccinated.

Our kittens come to new homes whit sales agreement,veterinary and certificate and a pedigree
and a little kitten packet.
It is most  important for us, that our Babies find  good,Loving homes !
═f you are interested in a (n)Night Wishes kitten send me a mail

Im a alternativ person ...I love magic. elfs, angels, nature, mystice and Animals-:)
My work is   animal wispher, healing(reiki 1.2.3.m.m colour of angels), reading m.m)
I do this from my heart. Im a light sender and to help animals and pepole

You are part of me now
You touched me,
With your kindness and love
So enchanted.
Your soft lips are kind.
...Your eyes glow with life.
I'm glad you touched me,
You're part of me now.
Lloyd Carl Owle (Cherokee)
Thank you.
Ann Mari and Cat's